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24 kids on bikes cycle ride multicultura


We have an express purpose to kindle old-fashioned face-to-face conversation among family and friends (especially now that Covid virus is over!). This is why we got together and made the delightful coffee-table book filled with wonderful photos like the one to the right.  We hope that you will have memories and opinions inspired by the photographs and the writings.  We would like you, your friends, and your family to reminisce and talk in a spirit of connectedness and finding common ground in America.


You will notice that the photo-essay “coffee table” book is purposely laid out with no particular order, with the exception of the brief American history summaries near the start.  We want you to just leaf on through!  Find something inspiring!  There are articles about ordinary but wonderful people in America, essays written by University students, National Parks, dogs, cats, artists, scientists, teachers...and the list goes on! All have accompanying photographs.


As you peruse the book, remember that many of the pictures allow us by licensing to produce a framing print, a canvas, a poster, or gifts… like pillows and cups.  Just ask.

We will make them and ship them at what it costs.  You are welcome to include an extra donation for adults and children in crisis in America.  We want to help. We want to share the love!

In addition, you can requisition work from the artists you’ll find in there, and we take no fees for this.  You can pre-order a signed copy now.  The book comes out in the summer of 2021.

24 kids on bikes cycle ride multicultura
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